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The secret to why these toasts taste like perfection is the combination of prime quality toppings perfectly balanced on Italian baked Focaccia and the great people behind them. 

Meet the creator of La toast avocado Bar- Lorenzo Sciandri a 27-year-old born into the Italian restaurant Industry. For the past 11 years, he has worked close to his Grandfather Chef Agostino Sciandri learning all the secrets of fine Italian dining and excellent customer service skills. Some Miami locals might remember the hip celebrity spot Ago Miami on Collins, that was Lorenzo’s first dip into the restaurant life where he started bussing tables. After relocating to Los Angeles and helping his Grandfather open numerous Italian eateries, Lorenzo once again came back to Miami to start a project on his own.

Why an avocado toast bar? Because this creamy creation is really the perfect base for an endless choice of toppings. Lorenzo partnered with his best Friend Edgardo Frezza and started testing the avocado bar project at farmers' markets which was a great way to get feedback from customers. After selling out at every event, they saw a demand for opening a brick and mortar, but due to today’s dynamics and the pandemic, they went for a Ventana style shop which is very authentic and classic here in Miami.  

The LA toast location is a work in progress and they intend to make it as visually pleasing as their toasts, but for starters, they are putting their investment in the quality of the food.

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